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    Now Sarees are sensual and extremely stylish, is what today woman thinks about sarees. As the Fashion designers have played their spell on sarees with colors, patterns different varieties of work; Saree has got an entirely new Avtaar of Fashionable ethnic Indian wear. Lehenga Sarees collection is best choice for asian in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, India and world wide. Indian culture is famous for its rich Varity.

    From the southernmost state Kerala to the northern state Jammu and Kashmir we can see this Varity in the life style to clothing of the people. Indian saree can be said as the most popular clothing in India and can be said even as a national dress. From kochi to Mumbai gals always looks most graceful in saree. While talking about the Varity of saree in sareeshops.com for there are more than half a dozen varieties of sarees in India.

    Fashion designers from India and all over the world have always been fancied by this ancient Indian apparel.New trends have been emerged in case of sarees. Embroidery word, expensive stones and even golden threads are used to increase the elegance of saree.Saree can be said as one of the ancient clothing present in India.New experiments done by passionate young designers make them more exotic.

    In south Indian hindu weddings saree is inevitable.The bride wearing the saree and with all the glittering ornaments look no less than a princess. Differing from region the type saree and way of wearing it are different. Let us now take a look of some of the regional differences in Indian saree. Gujarat, the birth place of Gandhi the father of Nation has rich cultural heritage.Hindus dominate the area and are well known for their traditional marriages.

    They have a different way of wearing saree which is known as the seedha pallu way.This way of wearing the saree is much popular in areas of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar.In this way of wearing the saree the pallu is taken back and is brought over right shoulder, thus it spreads across the chest and remaining left edge is tucked inside the petticoat. Mumbai the land of dreams is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra.

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