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    social media marketing companies pricing social media marketing a strategic approach pdf Once you change the vanity URL you cannot claim your old brand and the old vanity URL will redirect users back to the Facebook homepage.I thought in my naiveté that I could change the vanity URL since we already had one or that after a period of time Google would realize we'd changed our name and do it for us. facebook social media marketing how to do social media marketing I'd also hoped that maybe once everyone else started getting vanity URLs there would be an option to edit ours. social media marketing social media marketing trends No such luck.You can change your company page name on the profile section of the interface to anything you want: smelly cat lover of potato chips trampler of paper dinosaurs. social media marketing strategy social media marketing university review Or you know your new rebranded name.Make sure your YouTube account—now forcibly associated with a Google+ page as part of YouTube's anti-spam efforts—is a manager of your G+ business page. social media marketing companies the zen of social media marketing Then connect them together so all of your YouTube videos will appear on your G+ page; you can easily share your videos there; and so all your YouTube comments and shares show up in your G+ page notifications. social media marketing plan social media marketing blog While you don't have to do this pre-rebrand it will make your life easier as your page name change on G+ will change your YouTube name too so you only have to do one.You also don't want to forget about reverifying your new domain URL especially if you're working on authorship and publisher status. social media marketing jobs social media marketing consulting Make sure your web developer knows this and don't forget to have your bloggers change their personal G+ profiles to reflect your new domain URL for authorship.There are some odd rules on YouTube surrounding vanity URLs though.

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